Keith Barany,
Founder and chuckle monkey
  • [email protected]
  • 818-634-6320
  • Deb Graham,
    partner and responsible adult
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  • Bill Gorgo



    Private Member-club Men-only GOP Group Fraternal Lodge Ethnic-focused Edgy, possibly R-rated Corporate; PG-Relaxed Class Reunion Church show Alumni Association Active Senior


    PG-18 Light R

    Oprah Winfrey Show / ABC / performer

    Winner of the 4th annual WNEP SKALD -- Storytelling Contest

    Cofounder of “Chicago Style StandUps”


    Weekly News Roundtable / The Spike Manton Show / WCKG, 105.9 FM, Chicago 

    Phobia” / WNEP Theatre, Chicago / Creator

    “Bark Like A Comic” / Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago / Co-author

    “Lost Weekend” / Zebra Crossing Theatre, Chicago / Co-author

    “Night Time with Tom Dreesen” / WLS-TV, ABC-Chicago / staff writer