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    Women-only Private Member-club Men-only Jewish Venue GOP Group Fraternal Lodge Ethnic-focused Edgy, possibly R-rated Corporate; PG-Restrictive Corporate; PG-Relaxed Colleges/Universities Class Reunion Church show Alumni Association Active Senior


    PG-13 PG-18 Light R

    An audience participation event w/trivia questions in a game show environment.
    Participants play against each another for points and prizes.


    The show starts with Tony doing 10 minutes or so of standup to warm up.

    Then they get the trivia questions. If they get it right, they get smarties candy. And if they get it wrong they get dum-dum suckers. Also he gives away silly prizes at this point, (Dinner for two, a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese etc.) He does from 5 to 10 people depending on the size of the group and this takes 10 to 15 minutes.

    After this he has a quick trivia game that whittles the entire group down 3 people in a flash that are chosen to come on stage and play the real game. The set is a game board with two rounds of questions, a podium for him and his stuff and a table for the 3 contestants with buzzers to let them buzz in.

    The game show is two rounds and the questions are a mix of trivia, making the contestants perform a task (do an impression, find an item in the crowd) or just random chance. At the end of round one the low scoring person leaves with a parting gift of a game-show t-shirt and he then does round two ‘heads up’.

    A parting gift for 2nd place and then a quick jokey speed round for the winner (something like complete this slogan etc. ). The winner gets the T-shirt and the grand prize which is usually something like a George Forman grill. He also do a fake sponsor commercial before each round (Bovine Beer: the only beer with real chunks of meat RIGHT IN THE BEER etc.)

    In all, the show usually runs 70 to 75 minutes and gets just about everyone involved at some point.




    San Francisco International Comedy Competition,
    Seattle International Comedy Competition,
    The New Orleans' Comedy Festival,
    The Boston Comedy Festival,
    New York Comedy Festival


    Comedy Central,
    Comedy on the Road,
    KSHB's Kansas City Comedy Hour,
    Night Shift
    National Public Radio


    The Babe
    Meet the Parents


    Tony studied at the world famous Second City workshop in Chicago. He is a founding member of The Department of Works Comedy Ensemble, from which Andy Dick of News Radio and Matt Walsh of Comedy Central both emerged. His focus is mainly on stand-up comedy, game show hosting and traveling the country doing just that. Tony Boswell has appeared throughout the US and Canada in thousands of performances.

    He performs at comedy clubs as well as corporate shows nationwide. He has spent a month at a time entertaining the troops in the Europe and the middle east. His good-natured approach towards the audience, mixed with intelligent sarcasm makes him a favorite nationwide.