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Founder and chuckle monkey
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    Served his country honorably in the Air Force and emerged in civilian life as an inspiration to those who encounter this remarkable man.
    Has entertained 2 Presidents and several Governors
    Was a featured show for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games
    Selected to perform at the NFL Players Association’s Super Bowl party
    "Funniest Person in America"-Semi-finalist
    his historic “Blindfold drive across America” was covered on all the major news outlets


    Eric has been performing amazing magic for 25 years. He is co-author of the book AH-HA! Eric is also a popular lecturer for private organizations. But even though Eric will leave you questioning your 5 senses, he uses all of his. He is not a magician that performs in aloof silence. AND he's very funny! BUT you can use Eric's gifts in 2 different ways!


    In addition to his classical mentalism show, Eric’s highly motivational presentation “Nothing is impossible”...

    1.Engages the audience with entertainment,
    2.Educates the audience with a message, and
    3.Energizes the audience with the powerful tools he shares.

    Those who attend will find reassurance and inspiration from this special man who shows what you can achieve with a positive attitude and a magical mindset. Placed in foster care at birth, Eric was adopted at age 2, then returned to foster care where he grew up in group homes and shelters ‘til he was released at 18. During this challenging time, he focused on a gift someone gave him…a simple magic trick. Decades later Eric has given back that gift to thousands of audiences around the world.  

    Combining motivation and miracles, he captivates audiences with his energetic and highly dynamic presentation style. Eric creates what some people believe exists only in fantastic imaginations. “That’s the beauty of it”, he says. “Once you realize that limits are an illusion, you begin to see that nothing is impossible. From that day forward you can achieve anything your mind wills!” Eric is a true example of…art imitating life