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Founder and chuckle monkey
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  • Deb Graham,
    partner and responsible adult
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  • DEZ REED (w/a fan)



    Private Member-club Men-only GOP Group Edgy, possibly R-rated Corporate; PG-Relaxed Colleges/Universities Class Reunion Church show Alumni Association


    PG-18 Light R Hard R


    Comedy at Club 54-The Comedy Network (twice)
    Madly Off in All Directions-CBC


    Sodbusters (directed by Eugene Levy -American Pie, SCTV, Splash)
    Hostage for a Day (written and directed by John Candy (Stripes, Uncle Buck))


    The Original Canadian Comedy Awards-Two time Comedian of the Year


    The Calgary Comedy Festival; Headlining performer multiple years
    The Great Plains Comedy Festival; Headlining performer multiple years


    Efren Ramirez (Pedro from “Napolean Dynamite”)
    Tom Green
    Steven Wright
    Emo Phillips name just a few.


    "The best comedian in Canada"- Grant Zane Owner of The Comedy Spot in Ottawa
    "The King of the One Night Stand"- Andrew Clark Toronto Star's EYE Magazine
    "Canada's Finest Entertainer"- TM, Green Bay, Wisconsin


    Dez Reed, a former member of The Canadian Armed Forces and combat martial artist, turned stand-up comedian, has risen up the ranks in the comedy industry. He has headlined all across North America, including “A” list comedy clubs. Dez is one of the most accredited comedians on the Canadian comedy scene. Trained in improvisational comedy at The World Famous Second City in Toronto, legendary starting point for Mike Myers, John Candy and many more, Dez employs his improv skills as a stand up, making every show different from the last. One is never sure what topics Dez will hit upon during any given show, but you can be sure that it will always be entertaining. Because of his pro-American views, the Canadian government encourages all US-based organizations, clubs and charities to hire Dez and to keep him touring outside of Canada for as long as possible