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    Comedy Central-Tosh 2.0 (several appearances)
    Late Night with Conan Obrien
    Comedy Central-Premium Blend
    Comedy Central-Make me Laugh
    Comedy Central-Louis CK's Pulp comics
    Comedy Central-Bob & Tom comedy Special
    CBS-Star Search
    Comics Unleashed
    FOX-30 Seconds to Fame
    Fox-Cedric The Entertainer Presents
    CMT-"Comedy Stage"


    Bob & Tom (Syndicated)


    "Tomorrow Night"-Costar (premiered at the Sundance Film Festival)


    Just for Laughs-Montreal (multiple appearances)
    Chicago Comedy Festival
    Las Vegas Comedy Festival
    Halifax Comedy Festival


    Greg Hahn has parlayed his absurdly energetic, all out style of physical humor, one liners and crowd work, into a performance of immediate pandemonium and crazy fun. His wild, likable stylings have led to numerous television, corporate and theater appearances throughout the country and Canada.

    Developmentally arrested, Greg was raised in South Florida where in high school he amused the Catholic nuns by poking holes in his pockets enabling pens and pencils to shoot out of his pant leg. As a college basketball player, his enjoyment of half court shots earned him a prime spot on the bench. As a Captain in the Marines Corps, Greg kept his men highly motivated and could not overemphasize that camouflage is continuous. After several serious jobs where he refused to be serious, Greg turned pro as a stand up comedian and landed the unique gig as emcee for a theme park lumberjack show. This supplied him with a microphone, four huge audiences a day, drunk ax swinging lumberjacks, and a log rolling dog. Soon afterwards, he worked as stuntman in the Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show at Universal Studios. “For $20 an hour I’d run out, fall down a few times, then get whacked in the head with a stick…dream job!”

    He continually honed his style of comedy then headed to New York City. While in New York, Greg developed into a touring headliner. Continuing to advance his career in film and television, Greg now lives in Los Angeles where in between shows, he goes ballistic on the drums, destroys his pathetic fellow comics in ping pong, and flies indoor helicopters into the ceiling fan.