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    Scott Long

    Biography Teaser:  A Road warrior...with a message! From small town tipster to urban hipster to suburban dipster

    Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18 Light R

    Alli Breen

    Biography Teaser:  "Original, Smart, Non-Confrontational and Gorgeous"

    Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18

    Joe Zimmerman

    Biography Teaser:  "Joe’s calming vocalization and inventive writing is a thing of magic. You’d be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable show.”- Buzzfeed

    Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18

    Debbie Praver

    Biography Teaser:  She was destined for a great career. That's how, at her wedding, the title 'Desperate Housewife' first occurred to me. --Marc Cherry (creator & executive producer, Desperate Housewives)

    Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18 Light R

    Josh Nasar

    Biography Teaser:  The energy and performance style of a young Jim Carrey

    Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18


    Biography Teaser:  One of the most original comedians to ever do corporate shows and private group events

    Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18


    Biography Teaser:  A Regular on late night TV!

    Ratings:  G-Disney PG-13 PG-18

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