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Biography Teaser:  "Best of the fest"-Aspen Comedy Festival. "One of the funniest & most talented performers to ever work in Chicago"-Chicago Tribune

Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18


Biography Teaser:  Frequent guest on The Late Show w/David Letterman

Ratings:  G-Disney PG-13 PG-18


Biography Teaser:  The most frequent standing ovations of any act in our agency.

Ratings:  PG-18 Light R


Biography Teaser:  The Fitness comedian; a gifted impressionist, hilarious comedian and bodybuilder all rolled into one

Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18


Biography Teaser:  Canada's fastest rising comic

Ratings:  PG-18 Light R

Bill Gorgo

Biography Teaser:  "The classic Chicago Comedian"

Ratings:  PG-18 Light R

Carrie Snow

Biography Teaser:  The only comic who can say that she opened up for both Jack Jones AND the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the same decade!

Ratings:  PG-18 Light R

Scott Long

Biography Teaser:  A Road warrior...with a message! From small town tipster to urban hipster to suburban dipster

Ratings:  PG-13 PG-18 Light R

Kelly Taylor

Biography Teaser:  Saskatchewan’s second best export...after wheat.

Ratings:  PG-18 Light R

Mike Gaffney

Biography Teaser:  “This guy is so good! His delivery is amazing and his jokes were excellent. He told his life and I loved hearing about it and he was spot-on!- "Last Comic Standing" Producer

Ratings:  PG-18 Light R


Biography Teaser:  This "Okie from Muskogee" is an act that crosses all boundaries

Ratings:  PG-18 Light R

The Greg Wilson

Biography Teaser:  The Monster Truck of Stand-Up. The Hurricane of Hilarious. The Comedy Tsunami

Ratings:  Hard R


Biography Teaser:  For an hour a night I’m wildly successful

Ratings:  PG-18 Light R

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