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    Wednesday June 25, 2014

    In a! People doing event planning on a budget, are the civilian warriors of the corporate world.

    While celebrity programming is no easy feat and requires a very advanced set of skills (the details alone could drive you insane) it's those planners who aren't working with celebrity level budgets who deserve the most praise.

    When done right, the planner can boast about the following...



    þ "We had the perfect act for our group" (i.e., she was really funny and responsive).
    þ "We got her before she was priced out of our range". And even (sometimes)…
    þ "We got him before he was famous!" (pat, pat)

    We at KB Entertainment have broken down the perfect corporate comedian into 7 attributes. And while there are very few comedians who satisfy all 7, the ones that do can be cost-prohibitive to many groups. So if your budget is modest, some thought must be given to which attributes are essential and which are 'window-dressing'.

    Regardless of budget, the 2 things that give poor value for your dollar are...
    þ spending a fortune for a celebrity, when equally funny comedians are available at 1/20th the price, and
    þ hiring an act that didn't quite 'click' with your group!

    Our advice is find an industry insider that wants to understand your super-specific needs rather than just offer you someone reliable and available for that date. When production companies like ours confer with event-planners, the discussion MUST revolve around the values, demographics and comedy acumen of the folks attending. If that hasn't been your experience previously, starting now, it should be!

    The comedian should not only be funny, but likable and in service of your message. Hiring the funniest comedian who might tear down your company in front of your key clients or a corny comedian who will do your 'G-rated' bidding but have a comedy sensibility that doesn't connect with the youngest adults present, are both very bad 'plan B' options!

    The corporate-comedy discussion always begins with a labrynth of unpredictability. More than any other type of entertainment event, it's where people of varying tastes and values come together. No entertainment agency should ever be cavalier about this programming challenge.

    At KB Entertainment, we have marveled for years at the steely will shown by corporate event planners and we urge each of you to reduce the x-factors by working with an agency that has the skill to define and respond to your needs with a surgical accuracy.

    After all...event planners are entitled to enjoy the show too!




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