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  • Insisting on clever, original and well-written comedy routines will help you land a show that is "easy-on-the-ears but still stimulating". Some other agencies manage to weed out the unfunny. But if you need a show that is more than basic entertainment, then your choice of professional comedy consultant is the key. Find one whose understanding of comedy is broad enough to successfully match your preferences. Because...








    Except in rare situations, audiences will usually span a) generations, b) education levels and c) tastes. So treating any audience as monolithic is a blunt approach indeed.

    We have our own taste. But because we have spent decades on both sides of the microphone we know comedy is about taste and preference. You need someone who knows exactly which performer will be able to give you what really matters to your group.

    Even though event planners are NOT comedy specialists, your taste should be a huge part of your comedy partner's programming processs. And you ARE experts in evaluating your group's preferences. But what our experience tells us, is that when you think you're looking for "clean comedy," sometimes what you seek exactly comedy! Because the comedian's brain is AS important as his funny bone for creating a "safe" laughing-climate.

    Though it can be a challenge for some agencies to give you "clean" comedy, that's our wheelhouse. But...there's more than one kind of clean. Do you recall the word for a comic who is clean but uninspired? 'corny'! And nobody wants their show to get anywhere near the 'corn-field'. As important as it is to not offend, it's equally important to not bore!

    Our experience reveals that every group wants talented performers who:
    þ value being pleasant (even when edgy),
    þ know how to command focus, and...
    þ can get the audience to trust them and the journey. 

    In 25+ years, we’ve witnessed inappropriate comedy shows with no dirty words. And we've seen shows that FELT PG-rated but, when analyzed afterwards, fit best into a 'light R' rating.

    The difference was "smart vs. stupid". NOT clean vs. dirty. Look at the picture associated with this blog. Is it of a guy with no pants or an almost dressed guy with a tie? Knowing how a group might see it, is a litmus test that can clarify your programming strategy.

    We focus on performers who are a) funny, b) smart, c) original and d) genuine. That way we avoid overemphasizing things that only feel like they're important. If that sounds like an approach you relate to, maybe we should talk.

    A famous comedian said: "If it’s dirty, it’s not funny. If it’s funny, it’s not dirty". Yeah...that sounds about right. 

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