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  • New Website!

    Monday April 25, 2016
    We are excited to announce our new and improved website at We have officially merged our business with KB Entertainment (which is short for Keith Barany Entertainment). We believe the new design and brand will help portray the professionalism, and more importantly, the quality of comedy that we bring to all our events! As always, you can depend on KB

    4 comedy-programming mistakes to avoid

    Friday February 5, 2016
    Want to minimize your programming risk and maximize your bottom line? Here are 4 leaps you want to avoid: 1. Celebrity comedians. 2. Agents (vs. "bookers"), 3. Relying heavily on videos to pick your comedian, and 4. comedians who THINK they can cross over mid-career. Two are fiscal mistakes and two are programming mistakes. Though of course, the bigger the programming mistake, the bigger the financial mistake. Here's what we mean:
    Jerry Seinfeld recently sparked a lively debate with his assertion that college audiences are too PC, and that performing for them is no longer worthwhile. Actually, this was true as early as the 90's (if not earlier). But a few recent on-campus experiences have convinced me that PC is not the threat it once was to a great, on-campus, comedy event. Here are some 'insider' points that should be part of this national discussion: 
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    Featured Talent


    The funniest female working-Exec. Producer of The Craig Ferguson show and "The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson".


    She is one stint in rehab away from becoming a complete Hollywood cliché.


    "Utterly at home on stage, Mike commands the audience’s attention without seeming to try”-San Francisco Chronicle