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Why is Keith Barany the clean comedy act for your next event?

Clean Humor by Keith Barany

Welcome to, the official website of world class stand-up comedian Keith Barany, and his agency. He’s been called the "Best American comedian you've never heard of". While we at Keith Barany Entertainment greatly appreciate the kind words, we feel with comedy being such an issue of taste, that there’s no way to say that he’s "the funniest" unknown comedian.

...He's third!

The good news is, our agency represents the other 2! (And 17 of the ones following close behind).

Once Keith has performed for your group, your group will be ready, on future shows, for some of the freshest voices in comedy. Keith reaches across generations to bridge the gap between "baby-boomers", their adult kids and their active parents. And shows many audiences that "new-age subjects and classic comedy structure" are not things to shy away from.

And best of all, once he’s performed for your group, he can use what he saw then, to send just the right act for future shows!

It’s a benefit available through no other US comedy agency; a great comedian using his expertise as creative director, to help you craft and program one successful event after another!

Once you look over Keith’s corporate event entertainment bio or contact our prior event entertainment references, you'll know that Keith is the right comedian for your next event and we are the agency to rely on, to conquer future programming challenges as well.

Clean Comedy Acts for Event Entertainment

We hope you enjoy yourself while you learn about us and what we can do to bring excitement to your calendar of events. And please, if you can think of ways to make this site more fun to visit, suggest them. We may be in the business of joking, but we take your feedback, very... seriously. Before you go further, we suggest you take a look at the corporate world headquarters of our operation to give you an idea of the scope of our multi-national entertainment conglomerate.

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Welcome back. Now that you've taken a tour of our facility, we bet you’re glad you didn't buy that video phone you've had your eye on. Right?

And now good visitor...a message from our fearless leader!
"Sweetheart, do I have to?"
"Just get out there you yellow bellied joke-machine!"
"No one talks to me like that. You’re fired!"
"Oh yeah? Pay me first, you tightwad. Then, fire me!"
"If you were a lady, you wouldn’t talk to me this way"
"Well, if you were a man, I wouldn’t have to! Now get out there. They’re waiting for you!"
"Yes, Dear"
Oh, hi! Thanks for stopping by. We here at KBE are all about “bringing the funny” to people we meet.
Hey, you know what’s odd?…I don’t even have a girlfriend! So, who was that, before?! Anyway…back to my point:
Clean Humor and Clean Comedy Means No One Gets Fired
And in the case of KBE comedians, everyone has a great time, too!
Have you've ever been watching a sitcom or comedy sketch show and flipped channels because the humor was vulgar, immature or even worse…uncreative!?
It’s infuriating to have this spill into your home. But when you dress up and get all excited about attending your annual (or semi-annual) function and the same thing happens there, it’s worse!
There’s no remote control to save you. And, there’s a chance that whomever hired that comedian is in big trouble!
Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

Phone: 1-800-58-58-58-1

Clean Comedy: NOT a contradiction in terms.

And those who insist it is, are frankly…Oxy-morons.

Believe our experience and expertise…
It IS possible to be witty, humorous and provide clean comedy that is funny.
The substance of great comedy is universal truth.
We prefer audiences 25 and older.
But to appreciate comedy carved from life's daily challenges, we recommend 21 and over.
Great comedians don't have to resort to "blue" language or lowbrow routines to get laughs, right?"

Please watch Keith’s standup comic clips, and see why the NY Post called him:
"One of the wittiest comics working today".

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